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Whether your organization is looking to build new applications in the cloud or transform your current infrastructure, TaylorMade can help.  With TaylorMade being a Google Cloud Partner your organization can take advantage of Google Cloud.

● New workloads: Build new cloud-native applications or spin up new data warehouses. Only Google Cloud lets you write once and run anywhere, whether on premises or in any cloud.

● On-premises migration: Modernize data and applications by enabling artificial intelligence/machine learning. Google pioneered the use of data to help you gain unique insight on a global scale.

● Digital transformation: Deliver new customer experiences, redesign business models, and transform culture. Google is an innovation company at its core, and we partner with Google to build cultures of collaboration and agility.

Why adopt Google Cloud ?

Key differentiators for Google Cloud:


Reduce risk with world-class security 

The same security technology that supports Google’s private global network protects your data, while meeting rigorous industry-specific compliance standards. 


Improve choice with hybrid and multi-cloud

Google Cloud’s managed, cloud-native solution means your developers can write an application once, then run it on premises or in other clouds with no change in infrastructure. 


Stay nimble with Google’s flexible platform 

Simplify your operations and product deployment with Google Cloud’s fully managed, serverless offerings and hybrid and multi-cloud capabilities.

Spark innovation with AI and data analytics

Easy-to-use artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities are embedded in Google Cloud’s core solutions and infrastructure, making them accessible and easily deployed across the enterprise. 


Benefit from Google’s ongoing innovation 

Enterprises across industries are taking advantage of Google technology advances—from LEGALESE embedded artificial intelligence and machine learning to Digital Assistant, Search, Maps, Voice, and more—that are seamlessly integrated into Google Cloud. 


Develop with fully integrated open source software 

Strategic partnerships with leading open source-centric companies in data management and analytics allow us to tightly integrate services into Google Cloud, making it easy to build and use apps in the public cloud. 


Get support every step of the way

Whether you need an extra hand or hands-on support, TaylorMade can help you plan, develop, and launch the solutions that drive your most important business goals. 


Scale alongside Google’s global network

Build on the same future-proof infrastructure that returns billions of search results in milliseconds, serves 6 billion hours of YouTube video per month, and provides storage for 1 billion Gmail users. Our infrastructure is protected by more than 700 experts in information, application, and network security

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