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Collaborate on documents with your team

If you’re compiling a large document, you’ll want an easy way to collaborate on it with your team members. Use Docs to control sharing access, edit documents together in real time, chat within files, and get targeted feedback. There’s no need for multiple drafts either—use revision history to see who made which changes and when, or to revert to earlier versions any time.

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Maintain consistency with legal templates

Instead of creating the same documents and contracts every time from scratch, create a template in Docs.

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Verify sources in documents

When you need to check sources or other information, continuously switching between your document and the web can be a hassle. The built-in Explore tool in Docs makes it easy to search for citations and more, right in your document.

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Review documents on the go

Whether you’re on the way to meet a client in court or heading to a conference, you can update documents on your phone or tablet using the Docs app. Any changes automatically update and sync to all your devices, so you’ll always be up to date, everywhere.

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Address common legal issues with presentations and Q&A sessions

When you’re working on a large assignment with multiple teams, presentations are an efficient way to get everyone up to speed and address common issues. Outline your case in Slides and present it to your team. Then, let people submit questions in real time and vote on them during the presentation. If you can’t get through everyone’s questions, just answer the questions with the highest votes.

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Send and control access to large email attachments

When you’re sending large or confidential documents to clients, email attachments can be an issue because of file size limits and the lack of access controls. Send files up to 30 GB (or 30 TB with a storage plan) and set file access permissions by inserting Drive files instead of attachments.

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Manage your team’s digital assets in one place

To securely store your team’s legal files in one location, create an internal website in Sites. Control who has access to the site through permissions settings. Then, add team calendars, case schedules, codes of ethics, contracts, and other documents to your site. Now your team has a one-stop destination for all important information, and they can access it anytime, from any device.

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Track your team’s projects and schedules

If you work with a global team that operates across different time zones, create a team calendar. You can track everyone’s schedules, case-review appointments, meetings, and assignment dates. With everyone’s availability in one calendar, it’s easy to plan team agendas and ensure your team meets all important deadlines.

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Work offline without internet access

Whether you’re traveling on a long flight or experiencing an internet outage, you can still work on case reviews or papers without internet access. Set up offline access in Drive so you can continue to work on files, anytime.

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Edit Office files from Drive

For files that require Microsoft® Office®, you can add your Office files to Drive but edit them in Office. Every change you make is automatically saved in Drive, so your team stays up to date.

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