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Why Choose Taylormade Consulting Group for your Cloud Services?

Taylormade offers friendly, professional advice to ensure you get the cloud services that are best for your business. Our experts want to discuss your needs and future plans so we can recommend a solution you might not have considered. You can also entrust us with the management of your material assets. We take care of replacing obsolete infrastructure and ensure that your business is always running with the latest technology. 

Some Main Features We Provide:

We can improve your business and productivity in many ways you might not even imagine. Some ways we have helped our customers:

Recover data and files after ransomware attack by recovering data from an earlier date

Get back online quickly with backup files after a disgruntled employee destroys your local servers. 

Start creating a large report in the office, run a race, then access the report from your home PC

Gain mobility and easily move your headquarters to a new location after moving your servers and phone system to the cloud

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