● Make it fast. G Suite accelerates the pace of work and eliminates friction so teams can move faster. With improved speed and focus, businesses can spend more time on impactful work to stay ahead of the competition.


● Make it smart. G Suite equips people with better access to files, knowledge, and insights. Teams that harness the power of their organization’s data make confident,well-informed decisions that drive greater business impact.


● Make it together. G Suite creates a culture where teams can truly work together from anywhere. This dynamic collaboration breaks down silos so everyone can contribute,which brings out the best ideas and makes outcomes stronger.


● Enterprise-grade security. G Suite blocks 99.9% of spam/email attacks, offers compliance in highly regulated industries, has zero account hijackings with security key deployments, and identifies advance threats using the massive Google network.

Industry Solutions

TaylorMade Consulting Group, LLC, has joined the Google Cloud Partner Program as a Google Reseller to provide businesses the ability to combine seamless, real-time business and marketing collaboration with the powerful search, cloud storage and proactive security tools of Google.

As a Google Cloud Partner and reseller, TaylorMade Consulting Group, LLC offers customers in retail, healthcare, financial services and more, better solutions for work productivity and collaboration using G Suite. G Suite reimagines work, allowing teams to work faster, smarter, more collaborative and safer than ever before using virtual tools based in the cloud.

Why adopt G Suite?

G Suite enables seamless collaboration 

  • The majority of all time spent in Docs, Sheets, and Slides is collaborative work. 

  • Co-authoring is easy and intuitive. 

  • Collaboration is a seamless experience across devices and platforms. 

G Suite is simple and easy to use 

  • G Suite apps have billion-user simplicity. 

  • Integration across apps is seamless and intuitive. 

  • There is a consistent experience across devices and platforms. 

G Suite easily surfaces knowledge in the organization 

  • Google Search technology makes information easy to find. 

  • 40% of Drive files are opened through quick-access functionality. 

  • Resources, knowledge, and expertise can be easily discovered and leveraged across an organization. 

G Suite helps secure all data centrally in the cloud 

  • Admins have full control over devices, users, and data. 

  • The scale of data stored in the cloud allows for better machine learning security models. 

  • Security patches roll out automatically. 

  • Reduced endpoints and exposed surface areas.