Data & app protection: Driving down the cost of care


Cloud Storage scales capacity on-the-fly and accommodates spikes in resource demands, Pipelines API in Google Genomics queues incoming data, and Compute Engine enables processing and analysis of this data.

Industry: Healthcare & Life Sciences Country: United States



Broad Institute, which is committed

to addressing medical challenges across the world, generates roughly 25 terabytes of sequence data daily and needed

a more secure cloud infrastructure to scale at the rate of genomic data production without delaying/interrupting pioneering research.

Analyzes genomes 400% faster

Protects genomic data by governing privacy, data access, and use

Scales to meet spikes in 

demand for processing and storage

"As the genome data that we study to potentially save lives grows at massive scale—our institute alone generating roughly 12 terabytes of data daily—human genomics is becoming increasingly reliant on the technology tools we use for computation and storage. Google Cloud allows us to conduct transformative research more rapidly and securely."


Bill Mayo, CIO, Broad Institute


Industry: Healthcare & Life Sciences


Country: United States



The $130B Fortune 500 healthcare company believes that the healthcare system should help providers be effective in serving patients, and do so affordably. It needed technology and innovation to drive down healthcare costs.

Migration: Driving down the cost of care

Cardinal Health migrated existing systems to GCP to enhance security and data protection and leverage speed and cost savings as well as the flexibility and agility that enables business-enhancing risk taking.

Allows teams to tap exceptional engineering and technical support

Gains technical speed and capabilities that far exceed expectations

Plans to transform many aspects of the business with AI 

"Google Cloud has been exemplary in the "how can we help you" approach and with understanding what we want to do and how to make what we want happen."

Jon Latshaw, VP, Cloud Services, Cardinal Health


Migration: Extracting insights from massive datasets

GCP provides a managed cloud environment that accelerates time to market for services, improves security, governance, and regulatory posture and reduces the complexity and costs of big data analytics while empowering the company's data analysts and scientists.

Industry: Financial Services & Insurance


Country: United Kingdom


One of the world's largest banking and financial services institutions, HSBC, needed to extract meaningful insight from more than 100PB of data and billions of transactions to run risk simulations on a regular basis and better detect money laundering.

Identifies and averts financial crime using machine learning models

Enhances global risk management with a better understanding of trading positions and risks

Responds faster to customer demands & improves customer service

"Migrating our workloads to GCP has resulted in both technical and financial returns and has helped us spur innovation within our large globally dispersed institution."

Darryl West, Group C10, HSBC


Industry: Financial Services & Insurance


Country: United States

In partnership with: quantiphi 



As Dow Jones, a global provider of premium news content and business information, looked to support the digital transformation of its customers, it wanted to keep providing scalable, flexible access to its 1.3 billion document news archive via its new DNA platform.

Data analytics: Uncovering the network effects of key events

Dow Jones and Quantiphi use Cloud Bigtable for storing a huge body

of content and BigQuery for fast data manipulations along with other GCP tools to support a Knowledge Graph that analyzes key events in over 30 years of news.

Unlocking value in 1.3 billion news articles

Synthesized 30+ years of unstructured data to assess qualitative business impact of events

Defined complex network efforts to uncover hidden relationships and insights 

"Google Cloud Platform is hugely complementary to our DNA service because it really brings our datasets to life."


Niranjan Thomas, General Manager, Platform & Technology Partnerships, Dow Jones


Industry: Retail

Country: United States



The online retailer that earns $1 B+ in annual revenue launches more than 9,000 new styles daily to keep inventory fresh for its 5.3M daily customers. Real-time collection and analysis of massive data (5B clickstream events daily) was crucial for optimizing inventory and revenue and personalizing customer experiences.

Data analytics: Real-time insights improve experience & conversion rates

Uses Cloud Dataproc for on-demand Hadoop engine clickstream processing and BigQuery to support real-time decision making for customers and 500+ merchants. Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL and Kubernetes Engine speed business problem solving and Cloud Bigtable integrates with Dataproc for low-latency data store

Increases sales revenue significantly using real-time clickstream analysis

Improves customer experience with notifications of inventory availability & targeted suggestions

Accelerates data-

driven innovation rapidly and scales from 50M daily events to 5B in

two years

"By collecting more data, and empowering our team with the information, we're innovating faster and making smarter decisions. Using real-time analytics on GCP enabled us to drive a significant increase in sales conversion in just a few weeks. Without Google Cloud Platform, we would never have been able to scale clickstream data collection 100-fold."


Bindu Thota, Director of Product Management, zulily


Industry: Retail

Country: Canada



Canada's largest retailer of food and pharmacy wanted to empower teams across its 200K employees without increasing IT and infrastructure maintenance to do things like prepare e-commerce systems for marketing.

Migration: Improving online sales


Rather than expand on-premises data centers, Loblaw took a lift-and-shift approach to accelerate migration to GCP, moving existing VMs to Compute Engine instances and creating custom machine types. Google Professional Services helped with planning.

Reclaims up to 50% of SRE time for innovation

Migrates full global e-commerce site in 22 days; achieves 4x improvements in 


Higher conversion rates & increased revenue for online grocery site

"We thought, 'why don't we offload all that effort to someone who's doing it at scale, making the appropriate investments, and staying ahead in technology'."

Hesham Fahmy, Vice President, Loblaw 


Industry: Gaming


Country: United Kingdom



With 270 million users a month, the makers of Candy Crush Saga and hundreds of other games operates at a scale that few other companies can even hope to achieve, with its data archives in double-digit petabytes, but the company found its on-premises data infrastructure suffering stability issues and needing more and more management.

Data analytics: Winning cloud-based data warehouse


BigQuery forms the core of a new data warehouse, Cloud Storage holds its massive archive more securely in the cloud, Deployment Manager deploys Kubemetes Engine workloads to create virtual players trained with Cloud Machine Learning models, and Cloud Pub/Sub exchanges data with data analytics modules.

Ingests, stores, and analyzes data from hundreds of millions of players 

Solves game design challenges with Google Cloud Machine Learning 

Reduces infrastructure management overhead & improves agility by speeding up data analysis 

"Our infrastructure needs to support hundreds of thousands of concurrent connections per second, as well as our data warehouse, and we saw that Google has the capability to handle our needs.At the same time, we were very excited by Google Cloud's focus on machine learning and artificial intelligence"

Jacques Erasmus, CIO, King


Industry: Media & Entertainment

Country: United Kingdom

In partnership with: datatonic



Europe's largest media and communications company looked to create a new, cloud-based architecture that could scale, with the potential to handle not only diagnostic data from millions of Sky Q TV boxes, but also Adata from all Sky products. This could expand access to business insights, ensure service uptime and delivery, and improve overall customer experience.

Data analytics: Sky's the limit with a scalable data warehouse

Cloud Pub/Sub ingests diagnostic data and eliminates data loss caused by bottlenecks in server capacity, Cloud Dataflow passes parsed data to Cloud Storage, BigQuery creates a data warehouse, Stackdriver Monitoring triggers email and Slack alerts if issues occur, and Cloud loT Core expands its current data pipeline/architecture.


out-of-capacity on-premises platform in only 6 weeks

Zero diagnostic data loss from millions of Sky Q boxes


Sky experience with a diagnostic data hub


"By collecting diagnostic data, we can create an essential feedback loop from inside the home.The data will sit right at the heart of Sky's future strategy. It will help ensure that our products are intuitive and easy to use and that we can keep seamlessly connecting customers with the content and services, they know and love Sky."

Oliver Tweedie, Director of Data Engineering, Sky


Industry: Public Sector

Country: United States



Among its many responsibilities, the City of Los Angeles Information Technology  Agency (ITA) is tasked with deploying technology to share critical information with the sprawling city's four million residents during emergencies.

City of Los Angeles: Using Google Cloud to inform and empower citizens

Google Cloud helps the city visually share the latest need-to-know public safety and community services information in times of natural disaster: evacuation shelters, sandbag stations, local hardware stores and real-time weather.

Received 3.5 million views in 36 hours in Google Maps Platform during time of emergency


Develops and posts informational Google Maps within one hour

Focuses on developing tools and features rather than having to manage security

"For an organization of our size, the ease of use of Google tools is opening up tremendous opportunities. We can try new things and rapidly deliver information or new digital services in a matter of hours."

Ted Ross, General Manager and CIO, City of Los Angeles Information Technology Agency


Industry: Public Sector


Country: United States 

The National Institute on Aging works with the International Parkinson, Disease Genomics Consortium to characterize molecular changes associated with the debilitating disease. A recent study involved compiling data from thousands of exomes across various research institutes, but no consortium member had enough resources to process all 6,500 exomes. 

NIA: Accelerating the fight against Parkinson's Disease 

By accessing Google Cloud Platform through Google Genomics, researchers at the National Institute on Aging can more securely store, process, explore and share large biological datasets. 

Uses Broad Institute's GATK on Google Genomics for exome data processing 

Processes nearly 200 TB of data for 6,500 exomes in just 3.5 weeks, compared to month

"Cloud computing allowed us to speed up discovery. We collaborated with Google Genomics to test varying implementations of the standard processing pipeline for exome sequence data on the cohort and population scale. The cloud was really our only option for this."

Mike Nails, PhD, Scientist, National Institutes on Aging


Industry: Transportation & Travel


Country: Malaysia

AirAsia, a pioneer of low-cost air travel, became increasingly aware of the need to execute a digital transformation that would put "data-first" to better capture, analyze, and report in order to improve customer service and operating efficiency.

Data analytics: Flying high with Google Cloud

Powered by BigQuery for analysis at scale, Machine Learning Engine to predict customer demand, and G Suite for collaboration, AirAsia has improved processes while storing and analyzing volumes of data to enhance services and revenue.

Modernizes systems, processes, and culture to focus on costs while improving customer service

Uses analysis, reporting, and insights to resolve problems

and create


Increases business agility by deploying faster and more frequently

"With a minimal number of people involved, we can very quickly transform an idea or thought process into a deliverable. Prior to Google Cloud Platform, bringing those ideas to fruition would have been impossible."


Nikunj Shanti, Chief Data and Digital Officer, AirAsia


Machine Learning: Charting new territory

Cloud Storage keeps petabytes of data and imagery accessible in the cloud, Tensorflow trains deep learning algorithms to recognize cloud cover, Google Kubernetes Engine scales compute power up and down on demand.

Industry: Aerospace


Country: France




Airbus Intelligence has expanded its roster of clients from governmental security to include entities such as environmental companies and oil and gas firms that benefit from high quality imagery, elevation data, and other geo-intelligence services. To stay ahead of the curve, the company built its OneAtlas Platform.

Decreases error rate for detecting clouds from 11% to 3%

Reduces time to access satellite imagery from hours to less than half a second

Enables large-scale detecting clouds processing, and analytic a services with no limits on size or users

"Google Cloud Platform gives us access to much more compute power than we had in the past, so we can do so much more than we used to. Before, we worked on projects. Now, the whole world is our playground."

Laurent Gabet, Optical R&D Manager, Airbus